City Info

Cyprus is located in the northeast corner of the Mediterranean Sea at the crossroads of Europe, Middle East and Africa. Its strategic position has played a key role throughout its history and in developing the island into a convenient centre for trade and international business.

Cyprus is also well-known for being one of Europe‘s favourite destination due to its friendly and warm people, plenty of sunshine days as well as fine temperatures throughout the year, amazing landscapes, historical monuments and unique geological heritage.

Nicosia, the home of the 12th International Hydrogeological Conference, is the last divided city of Europe and the capital of Cyprus for 1000 years since the 10th century. It lies in the centre of the island and it is the Seat of Government, Diplomatic headquarters and culture centre of Cyprus.

Nicosia presents two distinct faces:

  • The heart of the city encircled by sturdy, star shaped Venetian walls over 400 years old with a numerous of interesting museums and art galleries, Byzantine churches which blend beautifully with the narrow streets surrounded by mediaeval and neo-classical buildings.
  • A busy modern metropolis developed outside the walls offering all the amenities that a modern city has to offer.

Nicosia caters for all tastes and likes, demanding and simple. With its hospitable people and beautiful atmosphere it welcomes all visitors and invites them to explore its beauty!